Exclusive Cosmetics


Founded in Spain, YAG MEN is an innovative brand with an international vocation, focusing on exclusive and high quality cosmetics for men.

Men’s cosmetics
for authentic men


YAG MEN is a cosmetics line for men who love to take care of their image and skin care.

For self-confident, authentic men, proud to be who they are, not afraid to show it and live the best lifestyle they deserve.




sobre nosotros y los productos Yag Men
Sobre Nosotros Yag Men productos

Each and every one of YAG MEN products is formulated with ingredients in the perfect concentration, to ensure maximum results. We have an eye for detail: the ingredients used for our products are bottled and presented in a beautiful airless packaging, able to protect the properties from air and sunlight, preventing oxidation and contamination from external sources. The product is better conserved and safe so the need for preservatives is reduced to a minimum.


YAG MEN products adapt specifically to the features of man’s skin, using non-oily, light-weight, non-greasy and non-glossy textures – always in an easy-to-use formula with a lightly scented perfume. Embrace us with all of your five senses.

YAG MEN is a fantasy we want you to join, a commitment to creating cosmetics for the avant-garde men out there, full of personality and style. This is the mission to achieve – and that’s where we need your support.

Sobre Nosotros Yag Men productos
Sobre Nosotros Yag Men productos

About us Yag Men YAG MEN products are specifically formulated to be clean and free of silicones, parabens and sulphates.


Our values


YAG MEN is much more than just a skincare line for men. It is an experience, a lifestyle about freedom and respect for all people, celebrating diversity in all its manifestations.

Our corporate values are based on innovation and excellence, full commitment and maximum authenticity – but we also fight to defend non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, opinion or any other personal /social condition or circumstance.


YAG MEN Exclusive Cosmetics

This is a public commitment we stand by and work towards with the help of our communication department, an invaluable tool to promote and develop an inclusive culture inside and outside the company.

Visibility and culture: key tools that we promote from YAG MEN and that we started from the first moment of launch of our brand sponsoring the book Homocultura: Las 100 mejores obras del año de la cultura LGBT. Edición 2019″.