Men’s cosmetics

Men’s cosmetics for today’s man. Innovative skincare line with active, effective ingredients for a 360° gentle and easy beauty regime.

Thanks to a wide variety of ingredients working in synergy – proteins, peptides, stem cells, vitamins – each product ensures immediate comfort while protecting and repairing the skin in the long term.

male cosmetic yag Men for all skin types
male cosmetic

YAG MEN Luxury

Concentrated active ingredients for maximum results

High-end men´s cosmetics created specifically to cater for men’s skin: a highly absorbed light weight texture packedwith widely-recognised active ingredients,make for easy-to-use and all-round effective products for your skin’s wellbeing.

Scented with a uniquely discrete aroma, shared by all products across the range.

male cosmetic yag Menantiedad

Clean cosmetics designed for a daily use, from cleansing to hydration. A simple yet sacred ritual for immediate relief and maximum protection of your skin can help turn back the clock and prevent environmental stress, such as pollution or UV rays.

Your skin deserves daily care, beyond grooming. That’s why this range of products designed with your skin in mind is ideal for long-term use and can become a real pampering moment in your beauty and self-care routine.

YAG MEN – Daily skincare

All that your skin deserves and more

Cosmética masculina Yag Men

YAG MEN – Grooming and shaving

Much more than just shaving, it’s regeneration and beauty treatment for your skin